Insomnia: Night Shift

Game Details

Release Date: November 21, 2005

Genre: Strategy

Language: English

Price: Free!

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 98 - ME - XP - Vista

File Size: 6MB

Version: 1.0.4

Product Info

  • DEVELOPER NOTICE: This was the first game I ever made. It is incredibly outdated compared to my later efforts but some might find it enjoyable as a Dope Wars clone. The biggest difference however is instead of drugs the game's currency is stolen goods such as TVs, games, etc.

    Play through 5 levels to accomplish in-game goals, personal goals, mission goals, as well as spend your time working on different skills. Visit the employment agency to get yourself a job you can be proud of (or one that will get your through the week), be chased by the Mafia, pay rent/food/water bills, travel the globe in search for a bargain, borrow cash from the City Bank, or even spend your time at the tracks or on the poker tables! But just remember the one simple rule; "buy low, sell high"!

  • Full Version

    - Download (Version 1.0.4 / 6MB)