Impact Event

Game Details

Release Date: May 6, 2014

Genre: Arcade/Action

Language: English

Price: FREE!

Supported OS: Android

File Size: 34.45MB

Version: 1.0

Product Info

  • Your planet is under attack!

    Strike asteroids away before they collide with your planet and destroy all life. Impact Event features 5 galaxies to choose from as well as 5 unique planets to defend. Fully integrated touch-screen controls make this arcade space romp a blast to play.

    Impact Event offers a unique space blaster experience by letting your finger do the damage. As asteroids come hurdling towards your planet it is your job to swipe them away before impact causes your eventual demise. The player is given 3 lives/hits before losing the game. With each new wave comes a faster challenge for the player. To help you keep up with the faster asteroids in later waves 5 special power-ups are available for use. "Earth Defense" sends a spirally particle sphere around your planet; anything which comes into contact with this is immediately destroyed. "Shields" allows the player to take 1 hit without damage occurring to the planet. "Health" allows players to gain back a life or generate a new shield around their planet. "Destroy All" immediately dispatches all asteroids currently on screen and the "Blackhole" power-up generates a portable green wave which can be positioned around the planet strategically to suck in any passing asteroids.

    Impact Event additionally features a global leader-board table and local highscore functionality. Compete against others on your device or against the world to claim the #1 spot.

    ** Designed and optimized for Sony Xperia Z1 Smartphone / Google Nexus 7 Tablet **

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