Game Details

Release Date: June 16, 2007

Genre: Action

Language: English

Price: Free!

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows / MacOS X / Linux / Solaris

File Size: 1.99MB

Version: 1.0.1

Product Info

  • "Extermination" sits you inside 20 tons of steel, wielding a cannon at terrorists eager to blow you up! You will need to kill as many terrorists as you possibly can and avoid being hit by the suicide bombers. You are able to pick up various items throughout the game that will help you out including health, slow-motion, speed, and ammo - but watch out for those deadly skull and crossbones! With every 50 kills you will progress one level, but the terrorists become faster - so watch out! If you make it to level 5 and beat the game (thus killing 250 terrorists) you will be given a highscore time (and we'd love to know what that is over at the Osiris Games forums). Have fun... soldier!

  • Full Version

    - Download (Version 1.0.1 / 1.99MB)